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The mission of As I Live & Breathe is to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer research. It is also our goal to start a scholarship foundation and help other cancer patients who may be struggling financially due to their medical expenses.

Finding a Cure!  That’s our goal.  Treatment is constantly changing and some lung cancer patients, like Patty Kuzara have been blessed to continue the fight.  We need more research. We need to find a cure.

We see As I Live & Breathe moving across the country. We want to teach people that lung cancer does not only happen to people who smoke. It’s a cancer that affects never-smokers, non-smokers and current smokers.  Every person diagnosed with lung cancer deserves to be cancer free.  Remember lung cancer patients are mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s…it may be your son or daughter.  The point is we want to share our gift of celebrating life to raise money so we no longer have to lose a loved one to lung cancer.

Did You Know?

Lung cancer in non-smokers is more common than many people realize. In fact, lung cancer in never-smokers is now considered the 6th most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States.  Studies also show that two-thirds of the non-smokers who get lung cancer are women, and 20% of lung cancers in women occur in individuals who have never smoked.

Though we lump smokers and non-smokers together when discussing lung cancer, lung cancer in non-smokers is a different disease in many ways. What are some of these differences?

There are two main types of lung cancer, which are non-small cell lung cancer (which Patty Kuzara has) and small cell lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancer accounts for approximately 80% of lung cancers and vary among non-smokers and people who smoke. Small cell lung cancer accounts for approximately 20% of lung cancer and is most commonly found in people who have smoked.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

The most common type of non-small cell lung cancer in non-smokers is adenocarcinoma. This cancer commonly grows away from the large airways, at the outer portion of the lungs. Because of this, these tumors can grow quite large or spread before they cause any symptoms.

Some of the most common symptoms can include shortness of breath, back and shoulder pain (which Patty had), chest pain, and fatigue. Other symptoms often appear as well, if the cancer has spread.  In Patty’s case, prior to being diagnosed with lung cancer, she was suffering from migraine headaches, as well as back and shoulder pain. She assumed her back and shoulder pain were a result of taking tae kwon do.  Patty was tested and even had a brain MRI that came back clear. (Yes ladies and gentlemen there is a brain in there).  Unfortunately, just four months later, Patty was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer that had spread to her brain and liver.

In contrast, squamous cell carcinoma of the lungs is much more common in people who have smoked. It also is a non-small cell cancer, but unlike adenocarcinoma, these tumors tend to grow in or around the large airways of the lungs and usually cause symptoms early on in the disease. Some common symptoms include coughing up blood, a cough that won’t go away or returning bronchitis or pneumonia.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to change the face of lung cancer. Help us get the word out and raise money to put an end to this terrible disease.

Keep Smiling Everyone.  Life is Good.  Let’s Celebrate it.